how to give pets cbd oil

How To Give Pets CBD

Once you receive our CBD pet products, it’s tempting to assume giving them to your pet will be effortless. “It’ll be easy! All I have to do is just drop them in their mouth and it’ll be fine” one might say. However, it is surprising how many pets hate the unknown. Whether it’s because they are not used to taking the drops, or perhaps they do not like the hempy taste, some trickery might be needed! We do recommend placing the oil drops underneath the tongue, however, as we just went over, some pets thrive on making our lives difficult.  As frustrating as it might feel to employ these methods, remember the benefits of CBD far outweigh any hassle.

Mix It into Their Food 

CBD tincture for Dogs

Mixing it into their food is the easiest out of the methods. It also works the best for larger dogs who might need a higher serving. If you have a cat, wet cat food allows the CBD to soak right in. Being able to put CBD in their food consistently, depending on their weight and desired outcome, will also build up their familiarity with how hemp tastes. Which could mean you won’t always need to outsmart your furry friend. 

Mix It into Peanut Butter 

Primarily for dogs, obviously, peanut butter is great at covering up the hempy taste. Having toys you can put the peanut butter in, like a kong, it will combine a dog’s three favorite things: toys, snacks, and CBD! 

Put It on Their Favorite Treat 

Cat taking CBD treat

Treats are a tried and true method; however, remember to only place 3-4 drops on each treat (depending on their weight) We always give the treat a few minutes to absorb the CBD before giving it to our pets. As this is not an effective method with the extremely low serving size, it works great for small cats or dogs who don’t require as much CBD. On the flip side, this might not be a good method to use for larger pets.

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