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how to give pets cbd oil

How To Give Pets CBD

How To Give Pets CBD 1200 675 Ian Gibson

Once you receive our CBD pet products, it’s tempting to assume giving them to your pet will be effortless. “It’ll be easy! All I have to do is just drop them in their mouth and it’ll be fine” one might say. However, it is surprising how many pets hate the unknown. Whether it’s because they are not used to taking the drops,…

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The Difference Between Cat / Dog CBD Products

The Difference Between Cat / Dog CBD Products 5902 3934 Ian Gibson

The difference between cat and dog CBD products can be confusing. Especially when we first start our journey in learning about CBD pet products. This might be increasingly frustrating for those who own both cats and dogs, perhaps being tempted into only purchasing one product for both animals. Before any mistakes are made, be sure to read…

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cbd pet products legal

Are CBD Pet Products Legal?

Are CBD Pet Products Legal? 1336 724 Ian Gibson

With our CBD pet products being derived from cannabis, the legality of them are frequently called into question. Ever-changing laws surrounding hemp and marijuana doesn’t really help, causing more confusion than curing it. Many just assume everything coming from cannabis, which includes CBD, is illegal. Let’s jump in and answer the question: are CBD pet…

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How Cannabinoids Work for Pets

How Cannabinoids Work for Pets 900 600 Paige Coulier

Hemp oil is an effective health supplement because it is rich in phytocannabinoids. Specifically, hemp oil is well-known for containing cannabidiol, or CBD. These compounds interact with our pet’s endocannabinoid system to produce therapeutic effects.  As pet parents, we are attentive to what we give our pets. Let’s gain a better understanding of phytocannabinoids such…

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