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Sometimes pets need a little extra care. Whether it's a calming snack or a simple shoulder to lean on, we want you and your pet to be happy. That's why we've developed our hemp-based pet products to give pets the love and comfort they deserve.

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Purfurred Oil for Dogs

All Natural – 200mg – 30mL


Purfurred Oil for Cats

All Natural – 200mg – 30mL


Purfurred Paw Balm

All Natural – 500mg – 50mL (1.6oz)


A Healthy Choice for Your Pet

We Make Our Products with Care


We take pride in using the best ingredients possible for your pet. Free of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides and preservatives.

Made in the USA

Manufactured, produced and shipped 100% from The United States.

All Natural Ingredients

At Purfurred, we are committing to providing the highest quality products for your pets that the earth has to offer.


"After my dog's ACL tear, he was left limpy and unmotivated. After discovering Purfurred hemp oil, my dog now acts and plays like a puppy all over again."​
Meg Wisinski

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