The Difference Between Cat / Dog CBD Products

The Difference Between Cat & Dog CBD Products

The difference between cat and dog CBD products can be confusing. Especially when we first start our journey in learning about CBD pet products. This might be increasingly frustrating for those who own both cats and dogs, perhaps being tempted into only purchasing one product for both animals. Before any mistakes are made, be sure to read this and understand why there is a need to have two different products. 

The Answer 

The short answer to the question of why cats cannot take dog CBD products, and vice versa, is the different ingredients for each. Ingredients used for the dog products cannot be digested correctly by cats, which leads to digestive problems. We have tailor-made each product with their respective pet in mind, ensuring this will never happen. Our dog product has only three ingredients: hemp oil, hemp seed oil, and coconut oil. Including coconut oil with this product gives it the ability to support your canine’s skin. Having even fewer ingredients, the cat product only contains two: CBD and olive oil. Containing such a low number of ingredients ensures our products are all-natural. As much of a pain as it is for those who have both cats and dogs, trust us when we say that this is for the best! 

What About Other Pets? 

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Although the dog CBD product is not made for cats, either can be used for other pets. Some examples of these include hamsters, rabbits, and even horses! Obviously, there might be a need to use more CBD for a horse than for a hamster. We advise talking to your vet about using CBD with any pet, and to research and finalize the correct serving sizes needed given your situation.

Why Add CBD To Your Pet’s Routine? 

Although research is in the beginning stages, the early results and personal anecdotes show promise. Researchers find CBD interacts with our pet’s endocannabinoid system to maintain homeostasis.

Owners find CBD helps to promote a cool composition in situations such as boarding and traveling and promotes an active lifestyle by supporting joint health.

In addition to addressing specific health concerns, hemp oil provides necessary nutrition that may be missing from our pet’s diet.  

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Sourcing For Pet Hemp Oil Products

We ensure safe and clean products by sourcing from high-quality domestic hemp which has been tested and retested. Additionally, we third-party test all our products to confirm the levels of phytocannabinoids and trace compounds. As pet owners ourselves, we source the highest quality raw materials because our pets take this stuff too!

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  • Sherry Horner Reply

    I’ve been using CBD oil for my dogs for a couple months now. I have 11 yr old sheltie sisters. Shannon is very arthritic and had gotten to the point where even squatting to potty had become difficult. She was on gabapentin for nerve pain. I did not like the side effects the drug was causing. I weaned her off the gabapentin and she is now getting CBD oil twice daily. She is my puppy again!! She chases squirrels, she’s eating better, and is more alert than she’s been in ages. Her sister, Casey, is a nervous nelly. She has skin issues and a sensitive tummy, she has some arthritis in her back hips as well. With the addition of CBD to her life, she is calmer, less itchy, and able to move better too. It’s great stuff and I highly recommend it. The change it has made in my dogs is absolutely amazing.

    November 8, 2018 at 10:50 am

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