Nutritional supplements preferred by pets and owners.

Purfurred was created by pet owners

dedicated to providing pets with effective and natural solutions.

We are founded upon a passion for hemp and a commitment to our favorite companions. We keep our own pets in mind at every step of the process to create a product we’re proud to give our furry friends. 

CHARLES —Robyn, Customer Service
MR. KISSES —Dave, Operations
PEPPER —Jeff, Managing Member
CHLOE —Raelyn, Finance
HAWKEYE —Paige, Web Design
COOPER —Raelyn, Finance


The Purfurred product line features the benefit of hemp oil.

Our all-natural formulas utilize the power of phytocannabinoids to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Hemp oil supports the endocannabinoid system to promote calm and balance in our pets. The research on hemp oil and pets is promising and the testimonies received are incredibly encouraging. 


While founded in 2018, Purfurred is backed by five years of experience.

The Purfurred brand has stemmed from a larger organization with expert knowledge of the hemp industry. Our team is well-versed in the market and provides quality product and customer service. 

Our company’s integrity is evident in everything we do, from formulation to honest marketing. Our ingredient choices, good manufacturing practices, and supportive customer service are a testament to our company’s value of doing the right thing. By choosing Purfurred, you are providing your pets with the quality they deserve. 

Our Team

We manufacture the Purfurred tinctures and take control over the quality and consistency of our products. Each batch of product is third-party lab tested to confirm the cannabinoid content, THC levels, and amount of trace compounds. We ensure that each product is safe and contains what is on the label.

Our dedication to helping people extends to our pets. They are just as much a part of the family as we are! 

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